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Don't Forget About These Less Well-Known Winter Pool Care Tips »

We've written about how to prepare your pool for winter numerous times; today, we'd like to focus on some less frequently discussed tips for keeping your pool safe throughout the winter.  

Why You Need a Winter Pool Cover »

Here’s why you need to inspect your pool’s winter cover now and, if needed, replace it before it’s too late.   

Are Winter Pool Closings Really Necessary? »

We’re often asked if it’s necessary to winterize – also known as closing – a pool for winter. While many hope to skip the time, effort or cost of closing a pool, it is absolutely necessary that Chicago pool owners close their pool for the winter.   

Winterizing the Pool: Dos and Don'ts »

The process for winterizing the pool is one with several critical steps - which is perhaps why a large percentage of inground pool owners prefer to let the professionals have the honors each year. Keep in mind that it's important to winterize the pool not only to protect it from hazards of the cold weather, but also to prevent it from becoming an algae-filled germ factory over the winter months.If you have questions about how exactly this is done, here are some dos and don'ts when it comes to w