Swimming Pool Trends for Summer 2021

After being cooped up last year, this summer is shaping up to be great. We're hoping you get to spend it poolside with your friends and family. 

But, if you're having more people over and making good use of your inground pool, you may be looking to make a few improvements.

As you gear up to remove the cover and give your pool a good cleaning, consider these new pool trends for summer 2021. They could help level up your pool experience and make it the best yet!

Spa Features 

Why not spice things up and add some spa features to your pool? Adding features like jets is a great way to transform your backyard into your own relaxing getaway.

There are a few different ways to add jets to your pool. You can either:

  • Integrate these features into your current pool. Typically, these would be installed in the corners. You could even add in-pool seating for additional comfort.
  • Add an attached spa. This would go directly next to your current pool but would be separate to prevent any mixing of cold and hot water. 

Both are fantastic upgrades, and either option offers flexibility in terms of size and location. Of course, we still suggest having them installed by a pool professional to ensure your new jets will run smoothly!

Treat Yourself

 A great addition to your day by the pool is a cold cocktail (or mocktail!)

A walk-up (or, if you're looking to splurge, swim-up) bar can be a fantastic addition to your poolside area. For the bartenders in your life, they'll get a chance to flex their skills for friends and family. And, if some aren't too crazy about taking a dip, they can sip on drinks while staying close to the action.

Pool bars are an excellent way to show off your family's personality. Whether you are beer buffs, cream soda connoisseurs or tiki bar enthusiasts, it's a great way to make the pool area your own.  

Check out some great ideas for creating the perfect pool bar for your backyard!

Stain Your Deck

It sounds like a small change, but it can make a big difference. Not only can re-staining your deck add protection against water damage and other risks, but it can add new life to your pool area. Just like adding a fresh coat of paint on your walls can brighten a room, new staining will have your deck looking brand new.

Your stain color choice is up to you, but we recommend using a lighter shade. This way, it won't absorb as much heat, making it more comfortable to walk on while barefoot.


New Lighting Additions

What lighting features do you have around your pool deck?

Adding new lights can add an "Oooh!" factor to your backyard area. You have the option to add all different types of light features outside of your pool to make any nighttime swims or get-togethers more fun (and safer!)

You can choose from several different types of lighting features, depending on the size and style of your setup, including: 

  • String or fairy lights
  • Pathway lights
  • Spotlights along your landscaped areas
  • Torches
  • Inground well lights and more! 

Adding lighting additions gives your family a chance to show off your design skills and create an outdoor space that everyone loves.


Give Your Pool a Makeover

If you're ready to invest in your outdoor space, consider a renovation to level up your inground pool.

Take, for instance, the area surrounding your pool. In the last few years, fewer people are using standard concrete around their inground pools. Instead, they're turning to natural stone. 

Natural stone is a sleek addition to your pool set up, instantly adding elegance. Choosing colors that compliment your house and garden can easily pull together your outdoor space design. (We also recommended adding a non-slip finish for extra safety.)

Another way to freshen up your pool is by retiling your pool. While ceramic tiles have been the standard for years, you now have the option to use glass tiles. Glass tiles are an attractive choice because they are stronger and more resilient than ceramic ones, making them harder to damage. 

Retiling is a good idea if you see issues in your current pool tiling. Tiles that are cracked, loose or missing need to be assessed by a pool professional. Sometimes, these are only symptoms of a minor maintenance issue. But it could also be a sign of bigger problems in the foundation of your pool. 

Either way, seeing tile issues means it's time to call in the experts. They can find the source of your tile problem and help decide if retiling is right for you.

Need a Hand? 

 For some of these additions, you can spend a Saturday afternoon rolling up your sleeves and make the updates yourself. For others, you might need a helping hand. If you're looking to upgrade your pool for the summer (or could use some help giving it a deep clean), AAA Pool Service is here for you.

We can help with all your pool renovation needs and provide you with weekly maintenance and upkeep. Call us at 847-753-971or reach out now for a free quote. Don't hesitate; summer is right around the corner!