6 Ways to Renovate Your Pool Space

It’s finally summer, and your pool is open and ready for business…right?

 Opening your inground pool for the season can make you take a second look at how your pool and adjacent pool area is holding up. Ensuring that your pool is ready for another season means doing more than simply making sure that the water is clean. It’s about making sure that your pool is a safe and welcoming space for your family and friends who spend time there.

If you’re thinking about the ways that you can spruce up your pool, look no further! Here are six renovations you can make this summer to update the style of your pool and its surroundings:

Update Your Lighting

A lighting change is a simple project that can enhance the look of your pool. While traditional built-in lighting is still common, many pool owners are switching to programmable LED lights that can be set to reduce any potential glare. These LED lights also come with a color wheel great for theming your pool with your party ideas.

The lighting outside of your pool is just as important. Installing energy-efficient, low-voltage lighting will not only create a relaxing environment but will decrease costs. Plus, placing good lighting around your swimming pool is not only about aesthetics – it’s about safety. If you’re planning on swimming at night, it is crucial that your pool area be kept well-lit.

Upgrade to an Energy Efficient Pump

If you’ve been using a single-speed pool pump, it’s time to think about upgrading. Not only will you see a reduction in cost, but also you’ll see a decrease in noise as energy efficient pumps – like the IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump – run much quieter than traditional models.    


After consistent use, your pool may be starting to show its age, especially if it’s exposed to freeze and thaw cycles, pressurized water and disinfecting chemicals year after year. This wear and tear can be seen in stains and discoloration, a dramatic change in your pool’s texture or leaks.

If you’re seeing these signs in your pool, it ‘s time to consider getting it resurfaced. Temporary fixes to leaks and cracks, such as pool patches, won’t last long and will lead to other areas surrounding the leak to follow suit.

By resurfacing your pool, you will eliminate the blisters, texture changes, leaks or discolorations that have accumulated in your pool during its use. Plus, it won’t sideline your pool for the entire summer – a normal pool resurfacing should have you using your pool again after two weeks.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

Having an inground swimming pool is great, but if no one wants to spend time sitting around it, you aren’t maximizing its potential.

Make sure you’re creating an area where people have places to sit other than a pool raft! Consider adding outdoor furniture, such as a dining table or a set of comfy chairs – bonus points if your furniture can withstand wet bathing suits and the occasional storm!

Other additions can help your pool area feel like home, like adding a grill for summer cookouts or a firepit for post-swimming s’mores. And make sure you have a storage area to keep pool toys, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Switch to Pool-Friendly Landscaping

While flowering trees and plants are beautiful, they are a nuisance to your pool. Flowering trees will shed their blossoms and leaves right into your pool. The extra pool cleanings are not worth the beauty of the tree.

Flowers are another beautiful outdoor addition, but many varieties can attract stinging insects, especially large colorful blossoms.

Instead, head to your local nursery and ask about pool-friendly plant recommendations that will keep your yard looking beautiful but your pool unaffected. There are lots of options when it comes to landscaping for your pool – including creating your own vertical garden!

Retile Your Pool

If every time you open your pool, you’re less and less happy with your pool tiles – it’s time to retile.

Now is a great time to plan your pool retiling project, and you have lots of options to choose from to make your pool look and work just the way you want. For example, many pool owners have started installing glass tiles, as they are harder to crack than your standard ceramic.

Here’s a quick tip on color choices: to avoid dating the style of your pool, choose a timeless tile color that will enable you to change your outdoor space for years to come.

Need a Hand?

While some of these renovation projects are DIY, we highly recommend you seek the help of a professional when it comes to projects like retiling, resurfacing or adding underwater lighting to your pool.

At AAA Pool Service, we’re happy to help with your pool renovation and your weekly maintenance and upkeep. Contact us for a free quote or call us at 847-499-6040.