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How to Throw the Pool Party Bash of the Summer

The weather is starting to warm up and we’re finally seeing more sun – it’s almost summer! Now is the perfect time to start planning a pool opening party for your friends and family.

There are a couple of things you should consider if you want your party to the be the bash of the summer. Whether you’re a first-time pool owner or looking to level up your yearly get-together, here are some tips on throwing a memorable pool party. 

 Pick a Theme

What’s step one of throwing a great pool party? Pick a theme!

By picking a theme, you’re actually making the rest of your planning a lot easier. Themes are a great way to help tie in decorations, food choices and activities. Plus, they’re an easy way to get your guests involved, whether they’re bringing themed-treats or dressing in (pool-friendly) costumes to play along.

 Here are a few ideas for pool party themes:

  • Shark Week: Throw a JAWS-ome party by decorating your pool with inflatable sharks and adding themed food options to your table, like a watermelon shark or shark bite cupcakes.
  • Island Getaway: Transform your backyard into the ultimate vacation with fruity drinks, colorful pool fish and inflatable palm trees. Why not get creative with tropical-themed foods, like pineapple grilled pork chops?
  • Under the Sea: For your ocean-obsessed friends, get creative with your table settings to create a nautical theme. You can even decorate your pool area with these paper jellyfish.
  •  A Pirate’s Life: Decorate your backyard with treasure, enjoy fun games for making your own pirate name and grab some gummy shark "catch of the day."

  • Decades Party: Feeling like a 50’s night? How about a 1920’s Great Gatsby party? Whichever decade you choose, these themes are great for kids and adults alike.

Pool Party - Jellyfish


Get Crafty

 Now that you’ve got a theme picked out, it’s time to get crafty with your food and decorations. Decorating your yard lets you get creative with your theme and blow guests away with your creativity.

There are lots of options to deck out your pool deck without breaking the bank, such as: 

  • Pool Toys: Remind your guests that the pool is where the party is with inflatable rafts and tubes, floating coolers for drinks and beach balls. Garland can also be made from cut-up pool noodles or beach balls strung together.
  • Balloons: Balloons can be used to create banners, garlands, balloon arches, and as a great marker to let guests know where the party is. You can also use balloons in more crafty ways, like using them to make balloon popsicles.
  • Tissue Paper: Create tissue paper decorations to make a bright yellow pineapple or snow cones – you can even use it to make your own piñata.
  • Photo Booth: Create a way to remember your fun memories with a photo booth. This can easily work into your theme by adding backgrounds and props that match.
  • Themed Sweets: Snow cones? A flamingo cake? “Pirate bones” made of pretzels, marshmallows and melted white chocolate? Don’t be afraid to get creative!
  • Pool Punch: Why not create a signature cocktail for your party? Give your cocktail a fun name after, like Pool Water, Seven Seas Punch or Mermaid Lemonade.

 Pool Party - Pinata


As you’re decorating your backyard and preparing for your guests, make sure to think ahead. Grab a few extra pairs of flip flops, some extra towels and stock up on sunscreen in case your guests forget any essentials.

Pool Party - Towels


Fun and Games

For a successful pool party, it’s important to have games and activities planned both in and outside of the pool.

 These activities can easily be tweaked to follow your theme and can either involve your entire party at once or be left for people to participate in as they will. Overall, it’s just important to think of all of your guests and to make sure you have some other options planned in case some people are a little water shy or a roving storm sends you inside.

Here are a few examples of pool party activities that can act as either quick games or your main event:

  • Squirt Gun Station: Create a designated place to fill up your water toys for squirt gun fights.
  • DIY Jenga: For those guests that might not be as water-obsessed, you should offer some dry activities. For example, you can easily create your own oversized Jenga set for a great group activity.
  • Obstacle Course: Here’s a great way to get the kids out of the pool. Create an intricate obstacle course for your guests using household objects, like this one using hula hoops.
  • Scavenger Hunt: This may take a little more time to set up, but it’s certainly worth the payoff. Creating a scavenger hunt is a great way to get everyone involved – especially if your party has a pirate theme.
  • Beach Ball Bowling: A simple take on an old classic. This game only needs a few pool noodles, a yoga mat, a beach ball and something to knock over (for example, empty soda bottles.)
  • Water Balloon Piñatas: If you’re not crazy about picking up candy on your lawn from a traditional piñata, maybe a water balloon piñata is right for you.
  • Costume Contest: Host a costume contest to help get your guests excited about your theme. You can either have one overall winner or create individual awards for each attendee, so no one feels left out.
  • Pool Games: Of course, you can’t forget about pool games in the water! If your guests are looking for something else besides Marco Polo and Sharks and Minnows, get inspired by taking a look at some of these pool games, or create your own.
  • “Dive-In” Movie: Looking for a great way to relax in your pool? Grab a projector and some speakers, and turn your pool into your very own "dive-in" movie theater. 

 Pool Party - Movie


Have Fun!

Once the decorations are up and your guests are arriving, remember the most important part of the party – having fun! As long as you’re enjoying your time in the water safely, you’ll be sure to have a pool opening party to remember with your guests.

Realizing that having a pool opening party means having a pool that’s open and clean? AAA Pool Service has got you covered. Contact us today to discuss pool openings and our weekly pool maintenance, so you can stop worrying about pool care and start enjoying your summer.




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