Be Cool by the Pool

Be Cool by the Pool

Be Cool by the Pool






The following post comes from David Simek at, who provides some ideas for unique and interesting gadgets and toys to use around the swimming pool.

If you are like me you, like your tech gadgets -- and if they fit into your lifestyle, all the better. When spending your sunny days by the pool, these unique devices will help entertain you.

Picture yourself lying on your lounger, the sun streaming on your face. You have a craving for a nice cold beverage, but what to do?  You wish that you had a robot to deliver that soda to you, but there is no robot. There are, however, these very cool delivery systems.

All you need is to grab the remote control and put this beast into action. The Remote Amphibious Tank can carry four drinks in its built in tray. Four wheel drive ensures nothing will stop its progress to your lounger. Once delivered, point it toward the pool and drive it in for some water boat action. The wheels retract and the propellers engage, letting you zip it around your pool.

Now you take a dip in the pool and your friends are sitting around the patio table with a cooler of drinks. You don't want to interrupt the conversation so youPoolz2 command the cooler to come to you! Drive this little beauty, ice and all, right to you. The RCCooler can hold 12 drinks in its insulated compartment. And when you are ready to leave the poolside, just sling the strap over your shoulder and walk away.

Now that you have your drink, it sure would be nice to have some backyard tunes to spice things up. Strap your Smartphone into the waterproof housing of the Eco Terra boom box for some booming fun.

Poolz3As the music starts to play the dog runs by chasing the kids playing with his favorite toy. No sooner do you reach down to grab your iPhone does the dog leap on it and send it skidding into the pool! Thank goodness that you purchased the driSuit waterproof case. The phone emerges with only a minor scratch to the case surviving a 90 pound dogs weight and claws and a quick dip in the pool.

Poolz4 These backyard electronic survival tools will help give piece of mind while entertaining around the pool. Enjoy the summer weather and your swimming pool this season with these fun and functional gadgets.

This is a guest blog written by David Simek, of, a Canadian swimming pool and hot tub blog dedicated to industry professionals.