Why You Need a Winter Pool Cover

You’re probably not ready to think about the upcoming winter season and what it means for your pool. This is why you have a pool after all, for these hot, dog days of summer.

Unfortunately, proper pool maintenance demands one eye turned to the future at all times. If you’re not assessing your winter pool cover now, then you’re potentially putting your pool at risk.

Here’s why you need to inspect your pool’s winter cover now and, if needed, replace it before it’s too late.

A Decade of Use 

As a general rule, winter pool covers tend to last no more than 10 years. If your cover is nearing this age, you should probably look to replace it now. 

When a pool cover nears this 10-year mark, the odds it holds up to inclement weather begin to decrease drastically. Due to tears in the lining or just a general weakening of the material, your cover may collapse under the weight of snow (or of an unwanted animal visitor). Obviously, this presents a safety concern for pool owners with children or pets that no one wants to face.

If for whatever reason a cover does collapse during the winter, repairs will not be able to be completed until spring when the damage can be assessed. And by then, the damages can be severe.

We’ve previously detailed what you can expect if you don’t close your pool for winter, but a selection of potential damages that can result when your winter cover malfunctions can include:

  • Frozen water and temperatures that cause new cracks or minor tears to expand in your pool liner, ultimately requiring a full replacement of the liner in the spring.
  • Extra costs incurred from having to run electricity to your pool to keep it warm (to prevent the aforementioned cracks).
  • Gross, green algae infestations. 

In short, a bunch of headaches you’d rather avoid.

Always Inspect

Even if your winter pool cover is under the 10-year mark, you should still perform a thorough inspection to see if your cover might need replacing. Look for any tears in the fabric or areas which appear worn down. If the top of your cover appears to be significantly more faded in color than the bottom, your cover likely suffered UV damage and as a result, was likely weakened. If you see any of these signs on your cover, it’s time to replace it.

Orders Take Time

You may be thinking at this point, “OK, this all sounds pretty bad, but why can’t I just wait a little bit longer to replace my cover?” The most crucial reason you need to inspect it now is that it simply takes time to get your order in. 

Winter covers can take up to two months to make, meaning an order placed in early August may not be received until early October. If you wait any longer, you could potentially miss your window and fall victim to an early freeze. Don’t wait; inspect your pool cover today and replace it if needed. It’ll save your wallet a lot of unnecessary costs.

If you will be replacing your winter pool cover, or need help determining if it's time to do so, contact us today.