When Should I Close My Pool For Winter?

As any savvy pool owner knows, one of the most important things you must do to keep your pool in tip-top shape is to properly close, or winterize, it before the temperatures begin to dip.

We’ve discussed in detail the “why” of pool closing in the past, but figuring out the “when” can be a bit trickier.

You’re likely well aware that you need to close your pool when the temperatures start to drop, long before the first winter freeze hits us. Unless you are a meteorologist (and maybe even if you are!), you probably don’t know just when that will be.

When to Close Your Pool in Chicago

Anyone who has lived in Chicago for more than 6 months knows how fickle our weather can be: wearing a winter coat and a pair of shorts in the same week isn’t unheard of. So how can you realistically plan when to have your pool closed when you don’t know if winter will come early (probably) or if summer will stick around a little longer than normal (we can only hope!)?

We took a look at historical data to pin point when you should plan on closing your pool for the season. While we can’t promise that the weather won’t deviate from the forecast, we hope you can plan your pool closing with confidence that you won’t be missing out on the last few days of swimming weather at the end of the season.


(Image source: weather.com)

Historically, Chicago sees temperatures begin their downward descent by the third week of September. Temperatures at this point are still warm enough to enjoy your pool during the day, but at night you can expect temperatures in the 50s that will keep all but the bravest of us out of our pools.

Come the second week of October, you can say goodbye to temperatures above 70 degrees. With temperatures averaging between a low of 48 and a high of 67, we’re guessing that you’ll have swum your final laps of 2015 by this point. The rest of the month of October will see a rapid decline in temperature, with highs maxing out in the upper 50s before Halloween even hits.

The Best Time of Year To Close Your Pool

Based on this historical weather data, we recommend that Chicago pool owners schedule their pool closing between the second and final week of October.

This closing time will allow you to soak up every last drop of sun left over from the summer while (probably) beating the first freeze of the season.

While there are still a few weeks left in the season, we recommend scheduling your pool closing now so you can secure the closing date you want. Visit our Pool Closing page to learn more and reach out via contact form, or give us a call at (847) 499-6040 to make your appointment now – and then go soak up the sun while you can!

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