6 Great Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool

To many, the benefits to owning your own pool are obvious -- a place to relax, a reason to throw a party, or where your daughter will have her first swim lessons. To others, the thought of owning a pool only leaves them feeling tired from thinking of all the work that comes with it. At the end of the day, do the benefits of having somewhere to cool off outweigh the price and maintenance associated with pool ownership?

While you're making your decision, here are 6 reasons why the up-keep and cost of owning a pool can be worth the relaxation given in return.

Exercise - Owning a swimming pool means that you can finally throw that pricey gym membership out the window. Swimming can be an excellent form of exercise -- it's one of the few activities that utilizes almost every muscle in your body. Exercises done in the pool are vigorous but low impact, making them an excellent option for those that want to get a good workout but take it easy on their joints.

Great for Kids - Many parents view a pool as a danger to young children, but a pool can actually be used as a valuable tool for teaching your child about water safety. For everything from learning how to swim to staying out of a pool when there is not an adult present, owning a pool can help your child learn not to fear the water and always be aware of proper pool safety.

Socializing and Entertainment - Pool parties are one big reason why people look forward to summer. Invite your friends, the neighbors, and your family over to have a pool party. Tell everyone to bring their children and favorite summer snack and enjoy the nice weather while catching up with the ones you love.

Cool Off - One of the most common reasons people buy pools is to help cool off in the hot summer heat. When the sun is shining and you have the day off, sitting in an air conditioned house is not everyone's idea of an ideal summer. Owning a pool gives you the opportunity to be outside during some of those uncomfortably hot days because you have a place to cool-off.

Save Money - Each year, thousands of us pack up and go somewhere tropical and lay on a beach with a cold drink, but between trying to get time off from work, building an itinerary around your family's schedules, and all the money that goes into travel, planning a vacation can be stressful. Owning a pool opens up the possibility of a "Staycation." Take a week off work, think of some fun new games and enjoy your pool and the warm weather without having to spend thousands of dollars or dozens of hours coordinating.

Relaxation - Imagine, you are slowly floating across your pool on a nice 80 degree day with a tropical drink in hand -- just thinking about it can give you a sense of relaxation and calmness. After a long day at the office, rejuvenating in your pool sounds like the perfect cap to a long week. Finally making progress on that summer tan you've been longing for doesn't hurt either.

While there are certain financial responsibilities that come with owning a pool, many of us will find that the benefits often outweigh the costs.

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