Estimating the Cost of an Inground Pool

One of the most difficult aspects of planning for an inground pool is estimating the total cost. There are several variables that affect the overall cost of building and maintaining an inground pool, including the size of the pool and the material will comprise it. In the Chicagoland area a small, basic inground pool will cost between $20,000 and $50,000. Some of the larger, deeper and more high-end inground pools can cost as much as $100,000.

What Factors into the Cost of the Pool?

Size - The most obvious and largest factor that impacts the price of an inground pool is its size. Considering the depth, length, and width of your pool will help give you a better idea of the overall cost. Often times the shape of the pool will also affect the price. Generally speaking, rectangular pools will be more affordable than oval pools, but the larger factor here truly is the overall size of the pool.

Region - Where you live will greatly affect the price of your inground pool. Regions with a lot of water in the ground or rocky soil will often end up costing a lot more due to the excess labor needed to install the pool properly.

Materials - The material you decide to line the pool with will also vary the price greatly. Choosing a material like vinyl or fiberglass will reduce the price of the pool. Alternatively, choosing concrete or gunite to line your pool will increase the price, but in the end increases the value of the pool.

Add-ons - The addition of non-essential items such as heating or filtration systems, diving boards, waterfalls, decking, special lighting, landscaping, and tanning ledges will greatly raise the price of the inground pool.

What Can You Do to Reduce Your Inground Pool Cost?

Buy Off-Season - With business slow, many specialty pool stores offer discounts to homeowners shopping during the off-season. These savings can go towards higher quality material to build the pool with or more add-ons to help improve your pool's overall worth.

Shop Around - Similar to buying a car, prices are not set in stone at most pool stores. Shopping around can warrant you a reduced price then what was originally quoted. Also, check the prices of the landscaping the pool company is offering. Often, the prices of landscaping are rather expensive and can possibly be handled later on by a landscaping company that may be more affordable.

DIY - Any work that you can do yourself will save you money. If you have the ability and drive to do some of the labor yourself, such as digging, you will end up saving yourself a good chunk of change. Also, similar to what I mentioned above, any landscaping that you can handle yourself will also save you money.

An inground pool can be affordable if you take the time to look, but always be aware of extremely good deals, as sacrificing quality for price can often end in frequent and costly repairs.

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