Simplify the Task of Cleaning Your Pool

As pool owners, we know that the constant maintenance of your pool can, at times, be overwhelming and tedious. From the continual vacuuming to the never-ending fight against algae, we often spend half of our valuable summer hours cleaning and maintaining the pool instead of simply enjoying it. Luckily, each year manufacturers invent and improve upon products that can help alleviate the time and effort associated with residential pool maintenance.

Here are some of the latest products to help lighten your cleaning load:

Salt Water Sanitizing

Jandy® AquaPure® EiTM - An efficient salt water sanitizing system used to purify your pool automatically. Using a self-recycling model and auto-reversing polarity, Jandy®AquaPure®EiTM requires little to no maintenance past the initial installation.

Aqua Rite Salt Water Pool System - A quick and easy product used to sanitize your pool. Simply using common salt, the Aqua Rite converts salt into chlorine and then evenly disperses it through the pool. With very little maintenance and a self-recycling system, Aqua Rite allows owners more time to use the pool, instead of wasting hours sanitizing it.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Polaris280- An automatic pool cleaner that is useful for all underground pools. As it glides along the bottom, walls, and steps of the pool it scrubs and vacuums up all debris into a removable filter bag.

Aquabot- A reliable and worry-free, fully-automated machine that cleans your pool within 6 hours without any help from you. From vacuuming to scrubbing to filtering, Aquabot removes debris and dirt from every surface within your pool.

Manual Pool Cleaning Equipment

Wall Whale Brush - Used for manually cleaning pool walls, floors, and waterlines, the Wall Whale Brush is a less expensive product used to eliminate algae and dirt. The wall-hugging design allows for you to brush your pool clean in about 5 minutes.

Pool Buster Max -Working independent of the filtration system and containing a reusable filter bag, the Pool Buster Max allows for a quick and easy scrub of your entire pool. After vacuuming through, simply recharge the battery so your Pool Buster Max is ready for your pools next cleaning.

Each of these products has time saving benefits that can leave you with more hours to enjoy your pool. While the products above vary greatly in price, each can make the job of cleaning and maintaining your pool a little bit easier. If you have questions about how we can help with getting your pool up to optimum cleanliness, feel free to contact us.

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