5 Simple Ways to Renovate Your Inground Pool Space  

5 Simple Ways to Renovate Your Inground Pool Space  

5 Simple Ways to Renovate Your Inground Pool Space  

Spring is officially here. The melting snow and the rising temperatures are a great reminder that it’s time to start thinking about opening your swimming pool – and its adjacent outdoor area – for the season. Opening your inground pool is more than just making sure the water is clean – it’s about creating a welcoming space in the area surrounding it. Here are five simple renovations you can make this spring to update the style of your pool and its surroundings:

Update Your Lighting

A lighting change is a simple project that can enhance the look of your pool. While traditional built-in lighting is still common, many pool owners are switching to programmable LED lights that can be set to reduce any potential glare. These LED lights also come with a color wheel great for theming your pool with your party ideas.

The lighting outside of your pool is just as important. Installing energy-efficient, low-voltage lighting will not only create a relaxing environment, but will decrease costs. Placing good lighting around your swimming pool is not only about aesthetics – it’s about safety. Never swim in a poorly lit area.

Purchasing an Energy Efficient Pump

If you’ve been using a single-speed pool pump, it’s time to think about upgrading. Not only will you see a reduction in cost, you’ll see a decrease in noise as energy efficient pumps – like the IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump – run much quieter than traditional models.   

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Having an inground swimming pool is a great, but if no one wants to spend time sitting around it, you aren’t maximizing its potential. Provide guests with plenty of comfortable seating that can withstand wet towels and bathing suits – and the occasional rain shower. Set up a seating area for outdoor meals and snacks. Don’t forget to put out mosquito repellant to enable your guests to enjoy this area after dark.

Spring Landscaping

While flowering trees and plants are beautiful, they are a nuisance to your pool. Flowering trees will shed their blossoms and leaves right into your pool. The extra pool cleanings are not worth the beauty of the tree.

Flowers are beautiful outdoor additions, but many varieties can attract stinging insects. To avoid insects buzzing by the pool, stay away from large colorful blossoms. Ask your landscaper or an expert at your local nursery for pool friendly plant recommendations.


Do you hate your pool tiles? Are they out of date and falling apart? Spring is the perfect time to retile. Many pool owners are installing glass tiles, as they are harder to crack than your standard ceramic. To avoid dating the style of your pool, choose a timeless tile color that will enable you to change your outdoor space for years to come.

While many of these renovation projects are DIY, we highly recommend you seek the help of a professional when it comes to retiling. If you live in the North Shore or the western suburbs of the Chicagoland area and would like assistance in retiling and opening you inground swimming pool this spring, feel free to contact us for a free quote or call us at 847-499-6040. 

Stacy Jeziorowski