5 Reasons to Open Your Pool Sooner than Later

5 Reasons to Open Your Pool Sooner than Later

5 Reasons to Open Your Pool Sooner than Later

Summer weather seems to have arrived early this year, and the rising temperatures are a reminder that it's time to think about opening your swimming pool for the season. It's typically right around this time of year that pool owners will start asking the questions: Is now too early to open my pool? Is it better to wait?

These are good questions, and we hear them often. The best time to open your swimming pool will depend to a certain extent on where you are located and whether you're in the midst of a warmer or colder spring. That being said, a general rule of thumb is that when the daytime temperatures are at or above around 70 degrees, you should go ahead and open your pool.

Given that our warm weather looks to be here to stay, below are the top five reasons to open your pool sooner than later:

1. Money. One common reason pool owners will hold off on opening their pool is the perception that an open pool is an expensive pool. But when you take into account the modern filtration systems and the growing number of owners with salt water pools, total expenses for electricity and chemicals are lower than ever. What can be expensive are the additional chemicals that are often needed to properly prepare and clean a late-opening pool for swimming.

2. Algae. Most people love warmer temperatures - but so do algae. If you are using a mesh winter cover, sunlight is getting through, and your pool can become a breeding ground for various types of algae. The sooner you open, the more likely you are to find a cleaner pool when that cover comes off.

3. Kids. If you have children, the warm weather means you are undoubtedly already hearing it: "Can we go swimming now?" If you get the pool open early and let them start swimming, your kids will thank you for it (probably not - but at least they'll stop asking about it!).

4. Improved Aesthetic. Your pool looks great once the cover is off. When you open for the season, your yard is instantly more attractive, and suddenly it feels like summer again! The sooner you open, the sooner you can take advantage of that feeling.

5. Swimming! Chances are good that if you have pool, you enjoy swimming. It's fun, it's great exercise, you can cool off, relax, and socialize with friends and family. Maximize the benefits of your pool and open it soon! If you're ready to start enjoying your pool, don't hesitate to contact AAA Pool Service for a free quote - we can handle the opening so you can focus on the fun!

Charlie Nadler