Choosing the Right Pool Cover for You

Choosing a pool cover to fit the safety and practicality needs of your family is a big decision. Pool covers are designed for all sorts of needs and budgets. Several covers are constructed for the safety of toddlers and children to prevent drowning, others are made to keep out debris but lock in the heat, and some are even designed to make covering your pool as simple as touching a button.

If you have a child or live in a neighborhood filled with toddlers, you might decide to go with a cover that promotes optimum safety. In turn, if you live alone and are the only person available to remove the cover, it will be important to choose one that does not require two people to operate. With all of the options, at various different price points -- what is the best pool cover for you?

Here are some of the most popular pool covers and a short description of the benefits and shortcomings of each.

Automatic Pool Covers

The most expensive of the options covered here, the automatic pool cover is a solid cover intended for consumers willing to pay a little more for the maximum amount of safety and minimal amount of maintenance. Easiest to operate, automatic pool covers can be taken off and put back on by one adult with the push of a button, whereas most other pool covers require 2 adults to operate. Aside from the hefty price tag, the downside to these covers is that they are not practical for all pools. Generally speaking, automatic pool covers are only available for rectangular and square pools. Automatic covers for oval, circular, and oddly shaped pools are very rare, and come with a high installation and customization cost.

Pool Safety Nets

Pool safety nets are intended to provide a safe and secure barrier to prevent toddlers, infants or pets from entering or falling into the pool accidentally. Though not designed or intended to keep out debris or serve as a seasonal cover, pool safety nets generally prevent leaves and small tree branches from entering the pool. Safety nets are anchored to the sides of the pool and need two adults to be secured. While pricing varies on the size of your pool, safety nets are an affordable option to promote optimum safety around your pool.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers are the least expensive of all swimming pool covers. They resemble a large sheet of bubble wrap and are intended to trap the warm heat of summer in the water while simultaneously keeping debris out. Solar pool covers are the most traditional of pool covers and while they often require two people to handle, they are less of a hassle to refasten than other popular covers The biggest downside to this specific pool cover is its poor level of safety. Older solar covers have a long track record of causing entrapment and drowning for children and pets alike.

Mesh Pool Covers

Mesh Pool Covers are designed for long term use. They require very little maintenance and are most often used for closing a pool during the winter. The material on the mesh pool cover is what makes it so appealing. Debris is easily blown off the top, while rain and snow simply drain through the mesh panels. The safety factor with mesh pool covers is high because they do not allow puddles to form on top of the cover and are anchored to the deck of the pool.

No matter what cover you decide to use for your swimming pool, it is important to ensure you are considering the safest and most practical options for your family.

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